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  • Skandinaven -- February 25, 1894
    [The New Federal Building]

    Skandinaven demands that the interest of the west side be dully considered in the matter of selecting the site of the new post office. It insists upon nothing which is not fair to all parties deserving consideration. The question of the location of the new Federal building should be decided on broad grounds. The prosperity of the whole community, and the present and future needs of the city should determine the choice of the site. A Federal building in a city the size of Chicago is not an ephermeral structure. It is supposed to last for generations and to satisfy the needs of the city for some decades at least.

    If it should be located on the lake front it would be comparatively little use to the majority of the people. Within ten years the need of a more centrally located post office would be apparent, whereas the location suggested by the Skandinaven will serve the best interests of all concerned, not for a day, or for a few years, but for all time, if we may judge the future in the light of recent developments.

    III B 1, III A