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  • Skandinaven -- January 01, 1915
    Real-Estate Transactions

    The following Scandinavians bought or sold real estate in Chicago recently:

    Gertrude Wehrheim to William O. Larsen: Bernice Avenue and Lavergne Avenue. Price, $10.

    Winnie B. Roberts to John V. Olsen: Byron Street and Leclaire Avenue. Price, $10.

    Harry Carlson to Carl F. Jensen: Grace Street and Kenard Avenue. Price, $10.

    Ottilie Melms to T. G. Nielsen: Wisner and Milwaukee Avenues. Price, $10.

    Fred Person to Vincent Truman: Marquette Avenue and 78th Street. Price, $10,000.


    Johanna Ruff to Katherine Jorgensen: Peoria and 59th Street. Price, $10.

    Otto Petersen to Madge Perrigo: Winchester Avenue and 58th Street. Price, $1.

    Elizabeth Reill to Anton Denemark: Adelaide Court and Kedvale Avenue. Price, $10.

    William J. Winslow to Joseph H. Holvin: Cicero: Township 39, lot 4, block 3. Price, $10.

    Alvin B. Rowe to Benedict Einarsen: California Avenue and 35th Place. Price, $1.

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