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  • Skandinaven -- March 29, 1908
    Concert for Norwegian Orphanage

    The new Norwegian Orphanage will become a worthy national memorial to Norway's sons and daughters. The plans are now completed for the building in Edison Park--a building that will have no equal in America. The entire Norwegian colony in Chicago is displaying a lot of enthusiasm for the rebuilding of the old Orphanage, which was destroyed by fire a short time ago.

    The first method of raising money will be a gigantic concert in Orchestra Hall, on April 8. All tickets for this concert have been sold, and the proceeds can be determined now. The concert has been arranged under the leadership of the Norwegian National Committee, and the following musical program has been provided:

    Orchestral Selections Emil Bjorn, Director
    "Naar Fjordene Blaaner" Norwegian Singers' League; Emil Bjorn, Director
    "Prologue" Dr. Olav Bohmer Arthur Thabough
    Violin solo, "Hungarian Rhapsody" Hauser Professor P. Marinus Paulsen
    "Varde" Haarklow Norsemen's Singing Society; Gust Carlson, Director
    Piano solos, "Wedding Day" Grieg
    "Polk de la Reine" Raff Alice R. Walden
    "Aftenroster" Oscar Borg Bjorgvin Chorus and Peter Ericksen, soloist; John L. Swennson, Director
    "I En Baad" )
    "Fra Monte Pinelo" )
    ) Grieg
    "Tak For Dit Raad" ) Mme. Grace Nelson, soprano )
    Selection Orchestra
    "The Two Grenadiers" Schubert Gustav Holmquist, baritone
    "Tonens Magt" F. A. Reissiger Norwegian Glee Club; Alfred Paulsen, Director
    Reading Selected Ethel Olsen
    "Fugue in D Major" Bach
    "Perpetuum Mobile" (For Pedals Alone) Bach Professor William Middelshulte, organist
    "Mai Nat" Sinding
    "Fjeld Sang" Thrane Elenore Olsen, soprano
    "Landkjending" Grieg Gustav Holmquist, soloist, assisted by United Singers' Chorus and Orchestra; Miss Alice R. Walden, accompanyist.
    II B 1 a, II D 5