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  • Scandia -- January 22, 1916
    Borgny Hammer

    Mrs. Borgny Hammer has appeared in the title role of "Agnete" and in Emile Zola's "Therese Ranquin". As we all remember, the role of "Therese Ranquin" was played by Saran Bernhardt the last time the play was produced in Chicago.

    Madame Hammer's presentation of this role is almost equal to the portrayal by Betty Nansen and Saran Bernhardt.

    Madame Hammer.....upholds her right to the title of a great tragedienne. With a turn of the hand, a lifting of the head, a sudden look, she tells what others could not express in many words.

    Madame Hammer is an artist whose name one would like to see emblazoned in incandescent lights on an electric sign in front of the theater.


    In "Hedda Gabler". she outdid any other actress who has ever played that part. Madame Hammer's "Hedda" is a vital creature....This talented actress makes "Hedda" wonderfully human, wonderfully real, and wonderfully impressive.

    The play-actress who does and says catty things for the play-acting value of them vanishes in Madame Hammer's treatment of "Hedda," and in her place moves a suffering weary woman.....There is a whole lesson in Madame Hammer's much quiet elegance and easy emphasis do her bearing and her byplay disclose....

    Yes, we as Norwegians are proud of Madame Hammer.

    II A 3 d 1, IV