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  • Skandinaven -- September 18, 1872
    [Girls Resent Charges]

    Three industrious shop girls asked Skandinaven to please help them defend the Norwegian girls' reputation in Chicago.

    We may perhaps be mistaken, for that K. L. may be referring to other nationalities in the Amerika of recent date. However, we feel that the Amerika's name should be "Blamerika."

    K. L. states in a translated article in the Amerika that all young girls are crazy about fashionable dresses. The rich girl buys them at $50, but the poor girl cannot afford them, However, she wants to be fashionable, and how can it be done! The answer is that she sells her virtue. He states further that that is why the houses of shame exist.

    Kund Larigelando insinuations we Norwegian girls will not tolerate. We have come to the United States of America, where we get our good, honest pay either as servants or shop girls until we get better positions. But 2it is always enough to keep us dressed respectable, and we do not wish to have our reputation spoiled by a person like L. K. We love our adopted country too much. We have always been respected by the Americans and we intend to remain so. Hence this few lines and thanks to Skandinaven for taking this article.

    I H, I K