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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- August 28, 1894
    Convention of the Polish Roman Catholic Union (Editorial)

    The Polish Roman Catholic Union's convention was a success in every respect.

    It has proved that there is concord and unity in the organization, as was evident during the sessions, and that the Union's management is excellent. It also has proved that the Union's activities are not merely limited to paying death benefits but that they include the promotion of worthy ideals. The convention has proved the Union's lofty aims--religious, moral, social, and national.

    Proof of this is the good work done at the convention and the number of resolutions adopted.

    Let us enumerate them in brief:


    In the first place, the convention has confirmed (in Czerwinski's address to the bishop)--before Bishop Horstmann and the American people--the Catholic and Polish character of the Polish Roman Catholic Union; it has also confirmed the civic stand of this organization and of all the Poles in this country.

    Furthermore, with dignity and without malice, and in the name of all Poles in America, the convention protested against the schism of the charlatan Kolaszewski and Chrostowski, and appealed to those who had gone astray to return to the fold.

    It has condemned dissension and all attempts to destroy national solidarity.

    It has condemned a malicious press, the object of which has been to sow the seeds of discord.

    It has recommended the Polish parochial school as the best school for our 3people, as an institution that teaches religion and Polish history.

    It has recommended harmony and co-operation among all organizations having a Polish and Catholic background.

    It has indicated that the Polish League of America is a patriotic organization not in opposition to the Polish Roman Catholic Union, and that it deserves our support.

    When the Unia Polska w Ameryce (Polish Union of America) extended its brotherly hand, the convention answered by extending both hands.

    Finally, the convention did not forget to accomplish something worthwhile, for it set aside funds to support a publication devoted to the Polish youth, the only one of its kind in the United States.

    This is the sum total of the work accomplished--the result of the convention 4of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America.

    This work proves that the aim of the Polish Roman Catholic Union is to create harmony among the disorganized Poles in America, to promote constructive work in behalf of the community, and to foster religious and moral principles. This is proof that although the Polish Roman Catholic Union stands by its principles with dignity, it does not conspirate against anyone, sow hatred, or desire fratricidal fights. On the contrary, its desire is to heal all wounds. The convention should get credit for this. Honor to it.

    III B 4, II D 1, II D 2, III C