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  • Zgoda -- December 05, 1888
    Organization of Mieczystaw

    A newly organized club of National Polish Artisans of King Mieczystaw I held its meeting the 18th of November at the hall of Mr. Albert Kowalski, on the corner of Noble Street and Milwaukee Avenue.

    At first they read the constitution, its aims, and the future of this newly organized club, and then they invited the president of the N. P. A., Mr. Osucha, to be their speaker.

    Mr. Osucha, taking the stand, expressed his gratification that brothers joining the new organization understood its qualities, its merits, and the importance of it to the Polish National Alliance, and so every one expressed the feeling of readiness in joining this alliance.

    The National Alliance, he said, labors for the nation and so expressed itself in its constitution. Under the banner of the organization we can work without fear. Our work is open and so our aim to be larger and better needs your support. Here in America we have freedom, and so for this reason we should take advantage of it by giving our nation the greatest support.

    III B 2, II A 1