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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- February 06, 1891
    Poles Will Open a New Hall

    The new Polish hall at St. Stanislaus Parish building is almost completed and will be opened next Sunday at 7:30 P.M.

    This great event will be celebrated with the presentation of a great Polish play, written by W. X. K. Kozlowski, and based on the last Polish insurrection against Russia.

    The play is a tragic drama of difficult execution, but the amateurs who will take part in it are well-known for their ability and we are confident that it will satisfy the public.

    The stage, which is beautifully decorated, has been arranged by stage experts from the Chicago Grand Opera House.

    The scenery on the main curtain is taken from the painting of Elias, and it represents Muscovites shooting at people coming out of a church. The other 2scenes are also very beautiful and artistic. Their perspective is such as to give a perfect impression of distance. This impression is so realistic that many persons have asked why such a big hall has been built in the back of the old one.

    The reserved seats are only 35 cents; others 25 cents; children half the price.

    Remember that this play is presented for the benefit of the parish choir the Polish Cadets, and the Polish Knights.

    Tickets for this play are worth at least a dollar apiece, but the committee desires to have a large audience. Let every one see this play and thus encourage those who devote their time and energy disinterestedly. Remember that the parish choir works not only for the glory of God but also for the honor of the parish and your pleasure.

    The Cadets of Saint Stanislaus work also disinterestedly.

    The Knights have neither income nor privileges of any kind, on the contrary, 3all they have is lots of trouble and expenses. Hurrah! Long live the parish choir! Long live the Cadets! Long live the Knights of the Polish Queen's Crown!

    III B 2, II B 1 c 1, III A, III C