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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- March 05, 1891
    Polish Activities in Chicago Polish Patriotic Organization Holds Important Meeting

    The Educational Department of the Polish Patriotic Organization of St. Stanislaus Parish held a meeting at St. Stanislaus Hall last night.

    At this meeting the aims of this society were discussed. The principal aim is to spread a general campaign of education in the form of Polish patriotic literature, Polish music, both church and national, among the Polish people. It is also proposed to develop the artistic talents of our people, that they may become able representatives of dramatic art, especially national. Generally speaking, the purpose of the organization is to educate the Polish youth.

    We know that the beginning is very hard, for it is the custom of the Poles only to look at one another everytime anything not immediately practical is proposed.

    One of our difficulties in America is that many of us who lack the necessary qualifications for a given job refuse to improve ourselves by hard study.


    We have no courage to acknowledge it, and even refuse to believe that this deficiency can be overcome.

    The Educational Department desires to do away with this deficiency by conducting special conferences in which the youth may get together and discuss different subjects.

    If the members of the Department will work steadily, efficiently, and systematically, there can be no doubt that the result of their labors will be evident in a short time. Not the one who only plans, but the one who plans and executes accurately is the one to conquer difficulties large and small. Cooperative work always brings its fruit.

    Let us act, brother patriots! Mutual confidence, understanding, orderly meetings and patient performance of our obligations will make us benefactors of the Polish youth.

    Your deeds will be written in gold letters in the book, of life and in the hearts of those for whom you will open treasures of knowledge, treasures 3of beauty; for whom you will open temples of universal and national wisdom.

    Those who doubt should retreat; let them be silent; they should not discourage others.

    The one who discourages others takes a great responsibility upon himself before God and country.

    There are people who criticize everything no matter how good it is, and who are glad if they succeed in spoiling the work of others.

    Such satisfaction is disastrous and will be punished by God, let alone that quite often the people discover such foxes.

    The harder the beginning the more courage, understanding and cooperation we need. Constructive criticism is useful too if given at the right time.

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