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This article was published in 1894.
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  • Zgoda -- February 07, 1894
    Central Society of Polish Women in America

    Please find space in your paper to print these few words:

    We offer our sincere thanks in the name of the whole Central Society of Polish Women in America, first, to the Polish editors who through their faithful work and advertisements, encouraged the people to support us in our last affair; next, to all the generous and ambitious young men who helped serve and assist our guest; and then our thanks to the judges of costumes, and to the whole public for its splendid showing and support as well as their good behavior at our affair.

    The Central Society of Polish Women in America was organized seven years ago and during their time of existence has had to overcome many obstacles thrown in its path by many greedy people, hoping this would frustrate the members and get them to abandon their work. But the consistent ambition of the Poles, and the aim to conquer, won for them their present day existence.


    Today the society has a good membership, a few hundred dollars in the treasury, a large number of good books and many beautiful costumes.

    In one word, today the Central Society of Polish Women in America stands on a sound foundation.

    Our aims, undoubtedly, will some day be known to every clean-minded Pole, and remind them that we are following under the banner of the Z. N. P.

    It falls upon us, at the present session, to remind you that in the last few years, at every affair that our society held, the Polish public supported us with a large attendance and truest patriotism, and we want to thank you in the old-fashioned way: "God bless you."

    In the future we will run our affairs in the same order as we did in the past, because in doing this we are placing the Polish name before the eyes of all other nationalities.


    We again take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your splendid support, and hope you all can assist us in the near future with the same sincerity.

    Central Society of Polish Women in America.

    III B 2, I K