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  • The Weekly Zgoda -- January 01, 1931
    Polish National Alliance the Largest Polish Organization in the World (Editorial)

    While taking into consideration the accomplishments by, and the unusual growth of the Polish National Alliance during the fifty years of its existence, all its members, friends and critics here and in Poland agree in this, that the Polish National Alliance is the largest Polish organization not only in America, but also in the entire world, Poland included.

    The greatness of this organization can be measured by members, by wealth and by the service done to the community. As to its numerical strength, the Polish National Alliance comprises 300,000 members and is the largest Polish mass organization for a common purpose, with regular obligatory taxation, under strict regulations and discipline.

    Concerning the general wealth and financial resources, the Polish National Alliance can be proud of the following computation, namely; since the time it was founded in 1880 until the most recent general recount, Dec. 31, 1929, 2the Polish National Alliance has paid out $19,750, 706.85 in life insurance, and in the same period of time it has disbursed $3,740,233.34 for educational, national and philanthropic purposes in America and in Poland, which makes a total of $23,490,940.19. With the reserved funds of $18,595,685.62 on hand, Dec. 31, 1929, it shows that since the year 1880 the Polish National Alliance has collected for its designed purposes the total of $42,086,685.81, not including the additional income accrued in 1930 since the last general recount.

    However, although the above given figures are certainly large, they do not represent the entire wealth nor all the resources of that unique organization, as it owns, besides, numerous buildings in all States of the Union, libraries and well equipped local and district offices, with substantial cash on hand at the groups and district assemblies of the organization, that might easily increase the general wealth of the organization by at least a few additional millions of dollars.

    The Polish National Alliance is the most important of all Polish organizations also by the priority of the services it renders to the Polish immigrants and to Poland, as shown in the pursuance of its political policy. For it should be 3remembered that the Polish National Alliance-Zwiazek Narodowy Polski-although carrying the insurance business with it, was founded in Philadelphia, on Feb. 15, 1880, as predominantly a political society, and it remains so until today. It was in the pursuance of that self-assumed political role that in 1910, at the Polish Congress held in Washington D. C., the Polish National Alliance has attested to and manifested the necessity of giving Poland the national freedom and political independence, as if in anticipation of the World War of 1914 to 1918, which quickened the realization of the political liberty for Poland.

    Also, on the eve of the World War, the representatives of the Polish National Alliance were busy in cooperating with other Polish political factions, particularly with the so-called Komitet Obrony Narodowej (Committee for the National Defense), before it formed its own clear standing on the side of Marshall Josef Pilsudski and remained so until Poland became politically free. The political and national policies of the Polish National Alliance were enlightening the entire Polish immigration in the most important political affairs of the last fifty years.

    Of all Polish benevolent societies, the Polish National Alliance was the only 4one that had courage of conviction and of clear pronouncement in national affairs, with enough energy, fervor and sagacity to support the right cause not only with words, but also with deeds; and therein lies the real crown of the greatness of this Polish political organization in America until today. Throughout its entire history the Polish National Alliance has been the exponent of the Polish immigrants' national values. No wonder, therefore, that on the 50th anniversary of its existence and manifold national service, it is generally recognized that the Polish National Alliance fully deserves the honor and the privilege of being indelibly written into the Golden Book of great service and of great deeds.

    III B 2, II D 10, III H