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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- April 02, 1892
    Warning Immigration Laws Tightened (Editorial)

    We have received a bulletin from the New York Immigration Commissioners that a new law emanating from Washington has been put into effect relative to the admission of immigrants. This new law forbids the entrance of paupers to the United States. According to the phraseology of the new act, a person wishing to enter American soil will be considered a pauper if he or she has not a paid railroad passenger ticket to the destination designated on the passport and ten dollars in cash.

    When this law went into effect last week, over a hundred persons were found who did not have the necessary railroad ticket and the ten dollars. They were sent back to Europe.

    Our New York correspondent informs us that before this week is up over one thousand immigrants will have to leave because of this law.


    This unjust law was greeted with cheers and applause by the so-called nativists. This nativism movement opposes the entrance to the country of those now abroad. Every enthusiast for nativism harbors and unconquerable feeling of disgust for the incoming foreigners.

    In order to make the supporters of this new law in Washington realize that this procedure will not help them in the coming fall election, it will be necessary to make public this unjust law in the German and other national papers. In this respect, the success of the nativists will be short-lived. It would be much better if the democratic-loving citizens of this country would band together and wholeheartedly support the Democratic party and once and for all drive out the Republican rabble from Washington.

    For the present, let us assist those of our citizens who wish to have their kin from abroad with them. A little aid from many will help provide the necessary tickets and money, and in the and help prevent the anguish of the return trip.

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