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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- December 11, 1893
    Christmas Cheer for the Poor St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish is Bringing Help to the Poor; Contributions Coming in from the Patriotic Organization; Mr. Albert Jendrzejek's Donation

    Hard times and a cold winter--these two terrible conditions--have brought suffering not only to the Poles but to all other residents in Chicago likewise. There is lack of work, the depression is general, the people are suffering from cold and hunger--such is the universal theme. The depression does not affect us all in the same manner; still the times are terrible and heart-rending for many. Many of our brethren need our help. To help them is a praiseworthy Christian act. Everyone of us is no doubt suffering in some degree, but this does not free those who are faring better than others from helping the poorest, who have no bread, fuel, or even a shelter.

    This Christian duty is more apparent today than ever before.


    Christmas is coming, the star will shine in the heavens on this day of happiness for the entire Christian world, on this day when the Saviour was born. How many orphans, widows, and beggars of every description will shiver from cold and hunger during this coming Christmas season! Shall we do nothing about it? Doesn't charity command us to help the poor widows? Surely, it commands.

    Others--Americans, Germans, Swedes, Dutch, French, Jews even--have initiated this relief plan on a large scale. They are collecting contributions from everybody, supplying shelter for the poor in an attempt to alleviate their despair and satisfy their hunger.

    And the time has arrived for us Poles to do something for our own poor. And we have already begun.

    In the St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish

    As we know, there has existed for some time in our own parish a charitable 3society which, although possessing meager funds, helps the poor as much as possible. This society depends solely on the contributions of its members, so it is evident it cannot do very much. Today, when the need is so great and Christmas cheer for the poor requires larger expenditures, it would be too difficult for it to be able to perform this task properly.

    Realizing this, the administration of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish has decided to call on all of its parishioners, without exception, for their wholehearted help in this great necessity, to appeal for general contributions, to ask for the widow's mite from everybody who can afford to give. Our parish clergy has raised a strong voice in this matter also. This sincere effort has brought results. The voice of the priests has reached the hearts of the faithful.

    Immediately after the church services, a group of citizens met in one of the school rooms. Reverend Vincent Barzynski urged those present to give, and spoke very earnestly. It was decided then to organize an extraordinary citizens' committee, which is to gather donations for the Christmas cheer 4for the poor and, additionally, to co-operate with the existing Charitable Society in helping the poor unfortunates.

    A Christmas cheer committee was then selected: Mr. Thomas Krolik was chosen secretary and Mr. Jacob Mucha, treasurer. Additional committees were appointed to gather contributions and to distribute them. Donations flowed in immediately. Over one hundred dollars was collected on the spot (itemized list of contributions will be published in this newspaper tomorrow). A separate regular collection was made for the Charitable Society. It was decided to continue energetically the collection of contributions.

    In order to help the men, our women, who have always had warm hearts, also decided to do something. Today at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the meeting of the Ladies' Patriotic Society, this matter will also be thoroughly considered.

    In general, our parish teems with workers. Everyone is thinking of the poor; everyone is hustling to bring them some relief. It is possible that the Christmas cheer will be distributed in grand style in the school hall.


    Mr. Jendrzejek's Donation

    Mr. Albert Jendrzejek, one of the most prominent Polish citizens of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, made the day outstanding through his generous and sincere donation.

    Besides the orphans in many private homes, there exists in the confines of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, the Holy Family Orphanage, and Christmas day should be a day of rejoicing for the orphans also. Believing this to be true, Mr. Albert Jendrzejek donated one hundred dollars for a Christmas cheer for the children at the orphanage.

    For this generous offering, Mr. Jendrzejek deserves due honor and credit. May God repay him a hundredfold for his wonderful gift.

    Christmas Cheer for the Poor

    by the Polish Patriotic Organization

    The Patriotic Organization, always first in worthwhile undertakings, is joining 6in this action wholeheartedly. At its meeting yesterday, December 10, it was decided to end the old year with a good deed.

    Believing that on the day when our Saviour descended to the earth everyone should rejoice, and that the tears of sadness of the most unfortunate should be wiped out if only on this one day, it was decided to arrange, not the usual evening entertainment, but an afternoon entertainment on Monday, December 17, in the hall on Bradley Street, the proceeds to be used for a Christmas cheer for the unfortunates.

    The program of the afternoon entertainment will consist of two speeches and a reading, the texts of which will be announced later, solo and choir singing, recitals, piano solo, and our own brave Turners, who will appear in new exercises.

    Admission will be only twenty-five cents for a reserved seat, and ten cents for an ordinary seat.


    We feel that with such a wonderful program and the low price of admission, the hall should be filled to overflowing, and many a poor child will be made happy on the birthday of our Saviour.


    As can be seen, the beginning has been initiated in the St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish. But this is only a beginning....There is so much suffering, so very much....and not only in our parish! Therefore additional contributions are desired in the greatest possible number. It is not sufficient to feed the poor on one day in the year, around Christmas time; they should be helped oftener. So we earnestly urge everyone to contribute to help the poor.

    Send your contributions to the treasurer, Mr. Jacob Mucha, 152 Blackhawk Street. All contributions will be announced in Dziennik Chicagoski. The editors are also offering their services in receiving contributions, which will immediately be sent where they belong. Finally, because there is great suffering in other Polish communities in Chicago, kindhearted and public-spirited 8citizens there will also do their share. As far as we know, similar action has been begun by the Central Administration of the Polish National Alliance. We urge all Poles in Chicago to devote their time and make sacrifices for this cause. All information regarding this matter will be gladly printed in our paper.

    II D 10, I B 3 c, I D 2 c, III B 2, IV