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  • The Weekly Zgoda -- January 01, 1931
    Christmas Donations at the Polish National Alliance Benevolent Association (Editorial, Women's Section.)

    [Translator's Note. The Benevolent Association, whose humanitarian services are narrated below, is an organizational subdivision of and within the Polish National Alliance (P. N. A.), the largest Polish organization in the world. Although the P. N. A. is itself also a benevolent institution in the sense that it carries the life insurance business, it has created within itself a separate benevolent body, called the Benevolent Association - Stowarzyszenie Dobroczynnosci - in order to carry out through it certain local charitable functions, which otherwise would take up a good deal of attention on the part of the Central Board of the P. N. A., sufficiently busy with strictly organizational affairs. The article so prefaced is as follows:]

    As on former such occasions, so also on this Christmastide, the Polish National Alliance has again donated through its Benevolent Association a conspicuous 2quantity of Christmas gifts to the needy Polish families. This time the donations consisted of 1,200 baskets, each one of which contained the following food articles: ham, bacon, flour, sugar, coffee, rice, canned vegetables, peas, apples, nuts, candies, macaroni and bread. This event took place at the Dom Zwiazkowy, 1406 W. Division street, on Sunday, December 21 (1930), under the supervision of the initiator and founder of the Benevolent Association, Mr. Jan Romaszkiewicz, president of the Central Board of the Polish National Alliance, with the assistance of Mrs. Magdalena Milewski, president of the Benevolent Association and vice-president of the Central Board of the Polish National Alliance.

    The money, spent on buying of the above mentioned food articles and amounting to a few thousand dollars, has been benevolently donated by local P. N. A. groups and by single persons.

    The membership list of the association includes mostly the women members of the Polish National Alliance, giving their time and work disinterestedly and covering all the necessary expenses out of their own pockets. This shows that in that organization charity towards one's neighbor is not an 3empty phrase, but consists in giving actual help to those in need of it.

    We intend to recommend at some later date that the members of the Polish National Alliance, residing in other towns and cities, should likewise institute similar Benevolent Associations.

    II D 10, II D 1, III B 2