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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- November 06, 1897
    Home for the Aged and the Crippled

    The home for the crippled [St. Joseph's Home for the Aged, now at 2650 North Ridgeway Avenue--legal title, Franciscan Sisters of St. Kunegunda], which is being built under the direction of a special committee, is to have its roof completed this week. With the help of God it is hoped that pleasant weather will prevail, so that by Christmas the aged poor and infirm may be placed.

    Through the quiet work and contributions of the Young Ladies' Sodality and other groups of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, a great beginning has been made in making the erection of this building possible. With the aid of all Polish societies and people, it is hoped that this home will be not only completed but also paid for.

    The greatest portion of the money has thus far come from the Young Ladies' Sodality, which gave over two thousand dollars; the Women's Sodality gave over a thousand; and five hundred was collected from the people.


    These initial contributions have made it possible to pay for one third of the cost. It is anticipated that the Poles of Chicago will realize the need and purpose of such an institution and will give wholehearted support to the organizations that have made this possible.

    In the name of The Committee,

    John Gniot

    Peter Kiolbassa

    II D 5, IV