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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 02, 1894
    Polish Activities School Girls and Orphans Stage Play

    A very interesting and thrilling theatrical play was staged last Sunday afternoon at the large Polish hall near Bradley Street. The play, given for the benefit of the Polish orphans (sheltered at the Holy Family Home), was directed by the Sisters of Notre Dame, the guardians of the Holy Family Home. As a large number of tickets had been sold before the performance, many people attended and the proceeds were quite large. The first part of the play was performed by the orphans, both girls and boys, and the second part by the school children.

    The speeches of the little orphans, in which they thanked the public for its generosity, were so emotional that every little while weeping was heard in the hall. When one of the boys started a speech with the words "I have no father," one of the persons in the audience was so moved by emotion that he 2arose and approached the stage to offer a donation, which evidently came from his heart.

    The play was well written and the children played it skillfully, which proves that the orphans are receiving a good education in English and Polish. The scene with the dolls was so amusing that the sixteen girls who took part in it had to repeat the performance. The vocal music presented by thirty boys and thirty-two girls was a great success. A comedy presented by two boys disclosed talent.

    The production presented by the girls pleased the public immensely. The Sisters deserve great credit for their good work, and we should honor them for their devotion and hard work.

    II D 4, II B 1 c 1, III C