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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- September 29, 1893
    Grand Opening of Pulaski Mutual Fire Insurance Company's New Offices

    The grand opening of the new offices of the Pulaski Mutual Fire Insurance Company, in A. J. Kwasigroch's newly erected building at the corner of Blackhawk Street and Holt Avenue, was held at five o'clock yesterday afternoon. The event is of considerable importance to this seventeen-year-old institution. It is a well-known fact that the activities of the Company have thus far been limited because of an inadequate charter and poor organization. Despite this, however, the institution managed to exist, serving at least a small circle of clients.....A reorganization plan was conceived and effected several months ago, as we reported at the time. The Pulaski Company was reincorporated and now has a right to engage in every type of fire insurance business, on a par with other companies. It was reincorporated under the name of "The Pulaski Mutual Fire Insurance Company". The institution has an operating capital of $60,000, while 2individual guarantees of members total about $180,000, giving it a backing of about $250,000.

    Every Pole can now safely insure his property at this Polish institution, which will undoubtedly grow to be one of major proportions if we support it to the fullest extent.

    In order to mark this progress in the Company's affairs, its offices were moved to new, adequately furnished quarters, which were formally opened yesterday afternoon. All of the directors and officers of the institution were present, namely, Bess, Schroeder, [W.] Jedrzejek, A. J. Kwasigroch, A. J. Kowalski, J. F. Smulski, [J.] Mucha, [J.] Czekala, Matz, and A. Schultz. The Reverend Vincent Barzynski and the editors of Dziennik Chicagoski, Wiara i Ojczyzna, Zgoda, and Gazeta Katolicka were present as special guests.


    The directors explained the Company's state of affairs to the gathering, after which sandwiches and wine were served. There were many speeches and toasts. A. J. Kowalski, treasurer of the Company, spoke of the history of the organization, its trials, and struggles. Father Barzynski took the floor several times, with toasts to the Company's successful development. The editors also spoke, as did everyone else present. Toasts were raised to the oldest and most active officers of the Company, and, in conclusion, a collection netting $23.25 was taken up for the benefit of the Polish Welfare Society.

    In behalf of this paper, we wish the newly reorganized institution every possible success. Poles should support it, for it is a Polish enterprise. By supporting it, they will prove that the Poles are capable businessmen and think well of themselves.

    II D 2, II A 2, II D 10, IV