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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- February 01, 1897
    New Officers Chosen to Head the Pulaski Mutual Life Insurance Company of Chicago

    A new board of directors and officers for next year was elected at the annual meeting of the Pulaski Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Chicago. The new board is as follows: Albert Jedrzejek, August J. Kowalski, Andrew J. Kwasigroch, Andrew Schultz, Emil H. Bessa, John F. Smulski, John Czekala, Joseph Schroeder, John Suwalski, Jacob Jakubowski, Matthew Siuda, Thomas Krolik, and Hubert Abraham.

    The administrative body for the following year is Albert Jedrzejek, president; Andrew Schultz, vice-president; August J. Kowalski, treasurer; Andrew J. Kwasigroch, secretary; John F. Smulski, attorney.

    An executive committee also was chosen, namely, Andrew Schultz, John Czekala, Thomas Krolik, Jacob Jakubowski, and John Suwalski.


    The general offices of the company are located at 163 West Blackhawk Street, Chicago, Illinois.

    A. J. Kwasigroch, secretary.

    II D 2, II A 2, IV