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This article was published in 1896.
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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- May 23, 1896
    Low Assessments in the Polish Roman Catholic Union

    The Polish Roman Catholic Union under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in spite of the attacks to which it has been subjected since its last convention, is growing and becoming stronger every day. The enthusiasm of the officers is visible at every step.

    A glance over any issue of the official organ of the Polish Roman Catholic Union, Wiarai Ojczyzna (Faith and Fatherland), will convince us of this. The officers are ever watchful to the Union's every need, and every week participate in discussing this or that subject. Financial matters are carried on actively and scrupulously.

    The result is self-evident. In spite of the resignation of the Milwaukee members, the assessments paid by members of the Polish Roman Catholic Union are being reduced. We have mentioned this in the past. The assessments are lower now than ever before.


    The assessment for the month beginning May 20, beats, as the American expression says, all previous records. It amounts to forty-five cents per member.

    This is an unheard-of low assessment, and proves decidedly that the Polish Roman Catholic Union under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with God's help and the careful management of its officers, stands on a solid and firm foundation and is the most convenient association for the Poles.

    II D 1, II D 2