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  • Zgoda -- April 30, 1890
    Society to Build a Hall for Pulaski

    The Builders Society is planning a picnic in Kuhn's Park, near Milwaukee Avenue May the 18th; tickets are 25ยข per couple.

    Thousands of Polish people living in the city of Chicago, have been aware of the need for this Polish hall, where our Polish people will be represented thus making a good impression on the people of other nationalities, but because of numerous obstacles this dream never came to reality.

    Last year Polish societies from the west section of our city, planned and finally organized a society called Pulaski Hall Society as a memorial to heroic deeds performed for this country, the United States of America.

    The funds collected to date are enough to cover the expense for this hall, that is why this picnic is being planned, to raise enough money to start work on this beautiful hall, and the committee is cordially inviting all Polish citizens to support this picnic by being present.

    We haven't any slackers among us. At last we can see this dream come to reality, which is what we have been waiting and working for.


    Other nationalities have halls where they can gather in groups to enjoy themselves, why can't the Poles? That is why, my dear comrades, I ask you, forget your political party, and unite as one body, to work and support the building of this hall. We hope that the Poles will put their heart and soul into this work in the name of Society to build this Pulaski Hall.


    II C, II D 6, III A