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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- December 22, 1890
    Polish Activity in Chicago

    We are glad to hear that the Poles are developing a practical side to their nature. They need it in this country. This new spirit is shown by the newly organized Polish Hunters' Club in Chicago. The purpose of the club is to provide necessary conveniences for its members; such as, arranging for hunting excursions, buying railroad fare tickets at reduced rates, purchasing of ammunition at low cost, finding suitable locations for hunting, and other functions. The members expect a 66% reduction on the railroad fare alone.

    Every member of the club is obliged to buy at least two shares from any building and loan association. These shares will remain the private property of the members, however, they may be used as security for buying real estate or other tangible property for the club, when the special 2consent of the members of the club is given. The initiation fee is only $1.00 and the membership dues are ten cents per month.

    Other necessary information can be obtained from Mr. Durski, the secretary of the club, 662 Noble St., who accepts new members. Later on, we will inform our readers about new developments of the club.

    II B 3, III B 2