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This article was published in 1892.
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  • Zgoda -- August 14, 1892
    New Gymnastic Society for Young Polish Women

    There was organized in the northwest part of Chicago a Polish gymnastic society for young Polish women. Its practical uses are extensive. The organizers of this new society are concerned above all about the beneficial results derived from it for the health of Polish women, who sometimes work hard and waste their strength. Secondly, it is our intention to furnish our young ladies pleasant exercise, in their own circle, and above that, awaken in their hearts and souls the desire for higher accomplishments through elevating the spirit by mutual work for the good of all.

    I appeal to you, sisters, and beseech you to join our circle for mutual benefit; let us convince all that we do not remain in slumber. We will direct our work toward national aims. Let the wings of the "Falcon" be our protection. The next meeting will take place September 18, 1892, at 5 P.M. in Greenwald's Hall, at Holt avenue. In this hall we have our gymnastic exercises every Wednesday, beginning at 8 o'clock.


    In the name of the committee I have the honor to request the Polish young women for their kindly attendance at the above named meeting and also for their presence at the gymnastic exercises for the purpose of witnessing both.

    You may register as a member of our circle during the exercises at the regular meeting, held every Wednesday during the first three months. At present, during the organization of this society, the new members may register free of charge.

    II B 3, I K, I M, III E