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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 13, 1892
    Evening School

    On Thursday, January 14, 1892, evening classes will begin at the school of St. Stanislaus Kostki's church at Bradley near Division, where the following subjects will be taught: A. English Lanugage. (1) Reading, writing, and grammar; (2) Arithmetic (to be given in Polish to those who are not advanced in English; those advanced in English will be given mathematics in that language). Polish and English teachers will serve as instructors. Tuition fee in these classes will be fifty cents a month for each subject taken.

    Notice: Those who desire advanced instruction in English and Polish should call at the office for registration. Special arrangements will be made for them.

    B. Polish language. (1) Reading, writing, and grammar for boys and men who do not know how to read or write; (2) Instruction in religion; (3) Mathematics: The rudiments of arithmetic to the beginners.


    Those interested should apply to the office of the school, Thursday at 6:30 P.M. Registration will begin promptly. Classes will be officially opened.

    Free Sunday Classes

    For the younger generation who have received first holy communion, free afternoon classes will be held. History: United States and Poland. Bible history and religious instruction will complete the program.

    II B 2 f, I A 3