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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- February 01, 1892
    Evening School Classes Opened

    Because a majority of adults work during the day, they cannot attend the public schools or other institutions of learning. Therefore, evening school classes have been arranged for those Polish people desiring to continue their education. Both Polish and English classes are being conducted at St. Stanislaus Kostki's School. These classes are open to young and old.

    The Polish class offers to those who want an opportunity to further their knowledge in this field the following: Polish reading, dictation, mathematics and English translations. This class is also suitable for those that only know the rudiments of Polish.

    Reading, writing, arithmetic, and grammar, are taught in the English class.


    This course is especially adaptable to those who are not well read in Polish, but have better understanding of English. This class gradually leads into the higher branches of English. Tuition for the above mentioned studies is fifty cents per month.

    Special training is offered to the Polish young men who are not so familiar with their native tongue, and lax in religious upbringing. Polish grammar, reading, writing, and religion, take up most of the study period. One dollar per month is charged for these classes.

    Persons interested in the evening school courses are urged to register at the school office at 6:30 P.M. tonight. At 7 o'clock, they will be ready to enter their respective rooms.

    II B 2 f, III C