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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 05, 1894
    Dzien Swiety

    Dzien Swiety (Holy Day)--a Polish periodical[weekly] devoted to short stories and moral and religious subjects, edited in Chicago by Mr. W. Smulski--appeared under a new cover last week. It is enlarged and greatly improved. The current issue--the first number of its twelfth year of existence--is almost doubled[in size]. This increase in size lends it a better appearance.

    In this issue, the editor promises that he will improve Dzien Swiety by adding to it illustrations, poems, stories for children, etc. Indeed, he is already fulfilling his promise in the first issue of this year, which contains: "Poland Reborn," by Severine Duchinski (illustrated); "Spike of Bloody Grain," a poem; "New Year," and other interesting articles. A long serial story, entitled "The Orphans," has also begun.

    The policy of this periodical is well known. The editor stated that "Dzien


    Swiety will bring into every Catholic home healthy spiritual food and educational recreation". The subscription to Dzien Swiety remains the same--one dollar a year, or fifty cents with a subscription to Gazeta Katolicka.

    II B 2 d 2, III C, IV