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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 06, 1892
    News of the Literary Contest for Polish Authors (Editorial)

    We are greatly pleased by the results of the article recently published in the Dziennik Chicagoski relative to conditions of a contest for Polish literary authors in America. It has been imitated by other papers.

    The editors of the Polish Courier in Milwaukee have printed this article with a little more elaboration upon the tactics of authors. This is very good. This supporting attitude will awaken our literary writers and offer them greater fields of opportunity, along with the respect and recognition of original material.

    It would please us greatly if other Polish papers and periodicals would 2adopt this system and offer their suggestions for improvement. In this manner we could develop better understanding and feeling between the press and writers. Through the help of the Polish Courier, we were able to modify our conditions. This is why we are pointing this out. This agreement was made possible through the cooperation of our paper and the Milwaukee journal. Other papers could easily follow suit.

    This would eliminate the simultaneous printing of the same article by different local papers or papers in nearby towns. Writers violating this rule would be dropped from the list, according to this contest.

    Often it happens that a mercenary writer wants to get as much money as possible for his material. His articles are sent not only to one paper, but to two, three, and more. As a result, it happens that this article is accepted and published by some of these papers, which is very unfortunate. In this way the author doubles or triples the value of his work. This is not so bad when the articles appear apart 3and in different cities but when they are printed locally at the same time this is when it hurts both sides the most. The paper does consider it a privilege to print some of the stories of the author because it believes that it is exclusive. The editors of the Dziennik Chicagoski and the Milwaukee Polish Courier will hereafter recognize the efforts of those that desire to write for their prospective papers only.

    Because of the recent agreement between these two papers upon this proposal of having a literary contest for our Polish authors, we have set January 15 for the opening of the contest. The conditions for this contest, stated in a previous issue, will be repeated shortly. We will also point out any changes of the rules. This will give ample warning to all authors.

    II B 2 d 1, II B 1 e