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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 19, 1892
    Difference of Opinion in the Polish Press (Editorial)

    The Nowe Zycie (New Life) newspaper, which had left the controversial rank of journalistic publications has recently entered the polemic field once again. This paper was adverse to many of the issues confronting the Polish people and because of this it was necessary for the publishers to reorganize the editorial staff. Reorganization brought only momentary peace. This antagonistic attitude is very painful. Painful, because such should exist among our own people, or such that call themselves Poles, who think and write in this direction. This stand is not only non-religious but also atheistical. And this is the stand that the New Life has adopted. Now it is no longer twisting facts; it has shed its cloak of shame and very plainly prints falsehoods.


    In Mr. Tamillo's articles, which are unnecessary, a statement is made that the Constitution of the United States permits one to believe or not to believe in God. We have never mentioned the Constitution in this respect. At any rate the United States' Constitution does not allow a particular religion to dominate not does it favor the setting up of any existing faith, for the proponents would not permit such thought to seep into its construction. Our mention was only about the laws of the various states. Here, one will invariably find in these laws or criminal codes, the right to impose sentence on those who deny the divine right of God. There is also found in some State Constitutions the privilege of denying the right of a person to hold public office if he does not believe in God. The opening of every United States Congress is an outstanding example in this direction.


    Whenever Congress or the State Legislature opens its sessions, a prayer is offered to God for assistance.

    In the opening paragraph of the article in the New Life, a statement is made again which tries to prove that a reconciliation between the Polish National Alliance and the Polish Roman Catholic Union is impossible. This is a strange statement and we doubt whether the organization of the Alliance is going to be thankful to the New Life for this because it is of such a bearish nature. It starts out with the tyranny of Father V. Barzynski and concludes with the absurd statement "without the authorization of anyone else". Father Barzynski proposes this settlement of differences and exchange of the olive branch.

    Further in the article, the right of these two groups to come to peaceful 4terms is questioned. It is asserted that "the Alliance is the flesh of our nationalism" and that "the other is religious." Because, as it is alleged, the Roman Catholic Union is endeavoring to rebuild the former holiness of the Roman Catholic church ....Therefore, all national activity arranged by societies connected with the latter, the schools that are being built by the members, all the contributions that have been made are steps toward the rebuilding of the old order of the Church of Rome.

    Or perhaps - a favorable phrase of this paper - all the work of this organization is being done for the here purpose of pulling the wool over the people's eyes and "that which it does not do is actually their aim and policy."


    "The Alliance is making an effort to establish Polish culture here on par with that of other nationalities, while the Union is trying to keep the people filled with superstitious beliefs and ignorance, and through ignorance in servitude." This is how the New Life is trying to intimidate the Polish Roman Catholic Union. "It is exerting a power to keep religious beliefs instilled in the people."

    It is apparent that the New Life is trying to get rid of religious beliefs and create a non-religious condition, leading to atheism, and followed by anarchistic tyranny and nihilism!

    According to the Nowa Reforma (New Reform), the Dziennik Chicagoski sins 6in its sententious remarks on certain issues. How the Dziennik Chicagoski desires that this were unnecessary! But is it likely to be silent if there is continual misunderstanding within the ranks? Can there be a way to harmony and unity if this confusion is going to be more entangled by the smaller papers whose venom constantly drips upon the fire of the happiness of the people? Can this paper, which is not entirely colorless, for it has certain qualities and truths to bring out in order to attain this peace, keep silent while some other newspaper tries to smear these truths with mud? Would not the read of admitting the erroneousness of these controversies lead to smoother pavements?

    II B 2 d 1, I A 2 c, I C, I J, III C