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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- June 08, 1892
    [The Dziennik Chicagoski Postpones its Contest] (Editorial)

    A contest for the best articles of the year 1892 was published last December in the Dziennik Chicagoski. A total award of $100 was appropriated for that purpose.

    This project, however, has met with little success, although half a year has already passed since the announcement. Thus far only two articles have been submitted and these were sent in during the first month of the competition. It had been the newspaper's wish to obtain as many compositions as possible. The paper reserved the right to withhold the decision until a definite, minimum amount of work was presented. Since thus far the prospective authors have been insufficiently interested, the fear arises that a sudden outburst of articles during the last days of the contest would make it impossible for the Dziennik Chicagoski to handle the matter adequately. Finally, many voluntary contributions, not intended for the above-mentioned contest, have been sent in. Because of all this, the sponsor has decided to recall his original plan 2and substitute something else in its stead.

    The Dziennik Chicagoski hereby gives notice of the postponement of the contest until some future time. Instead it will offer some remuneration to the authors who have entered the competition. It must be admitted, however, that this compensation will be meager. The amount of the payments is not made known, nor is it to be considered fixed. It is a known fact that not every article possesses the same quality, and hence does not deserve a uniform award. There are authors who do not wish to be paid for their efforts. Then there are articles that are more valuable and some that are less valuable--therefore, the compensation should be proportionate. Finally, there are creations that are worthless and, naturally, no award could be expected for them.

    The amount of the remuneration will depend upon the agreement made between the 3author of the submitted work and the editor of the Dziennik Chicagoski. The newspaper also asks the authors to stipulate, at the time their work is sent in for publication, the amount of pay desired.

    II B 2 d 1, II B 1 e