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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- July 12, 1893
    Polish Publishing Company Stockholders' Meeting

    The annual stockholders' meeting of the Polish Publishing Company, publishers of Dziennik Chicagoski and Wiara I Ojczyzna (Faith and Fatherland), was held at the editorial offices of this paper. Among those present at the meeting were the Reverends Vincent Barzynski, S. Kobrzynski, J. Kasprzycki, and F. Byrgier, and Messrs. P. Kiolbassa, W. Jendrzejek, P. Ratkowski, T. Krolik, F. Kaczmarek, and A. Lakowka. Among those present from out of town were the Reverends U. Raszkiewicz, of Otis, Indiana; P. Cichocki, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin; and F. Wojtalewicz, of Hammond, Indiana. The Reverend Matkowski, of Bay City, Michigan, sent a representative, while Reverend Czyzewski, of South Bend, [Indiana], wired that he was unable to attend the meeting. The Reverend Sebastyanski notified the company that he had transferred his shares to the Nazarene Sisters Convent. In all, a majority of stockholders were present.

    A financial statement for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1892, to July 1, 21893, showed that the affairs of the company are in sound condition. The statement showed a surplus in spite of the fact that subscription to Wiara I Ojczyzna was not compulsory to members of Zjednoczenia (Polish Roman Catholic Union). The inventory report showed the company's assets to be $17,000. The stock of books (liquid assets) was valued at $10,000. The reports were accepted and the meeting turned its attention to other business.

    It was decided that the annual stockholders' meeting will be held not in July as heretofore, but on the first Wednesday after the fifteenth of January each year.

    The Reverend F. Byrgier was elected secretary to replace Father Kroll, who resigned on September 27 of last year, and the Reverend J. Kasprzycki was elected to the board of directors to fill the vacancy created by Father Gordon's departure for Poland. Election of officers was deferred to the next meeting.

    Finally, a committee was elected, consisting of the Reverends Byrgier, Czyzewski, and Mr. R. Ratkowski. This committee will audit the company's accounts 3for the past year, and with the co-operation of the manager and last years' auditing committee, it will verify the financial reports.

    Various improvements in the company's publications were discussed, but final decisions were left to the board of directors.

    As a whole, the meeting was a harmonious one: it demonstrated, moreover, that the Polish Publishing Company exists on a sound business footing.

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