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  • Zgoda -- October 26, 1887
    Polish Library in New York

    We are informed that in New York, Mr. Sigmund Slupski, formerly a newspaper editor in Radom, Poland, opened a Polish Library; it is also a renting library.

    A Polish library, conducted skillfully by a man well trained in his profession can bring numerous social benefits, which it already has done. It will continue to give true service, providing the renting dept. has many calls for good books, which is one way of running this library.

    For that reason we welcome this new Polish enterprise, and in the beginning we send our sincere and heartiest congratulations.

    We will also add that this new library has books dealing with Polish ways of living. These books are also for sale if people desire them. This library also takes care of sending letters, and other means of communicating with people in Europe.


    Therefore that is the reason why this field is open for a capable man we have one of our prominent Polish editors working in the research dept. dealing with the selling of old books.

    Mr. Sienkiewicz is in charge of this research dept; he is honest, trustworthy, and capable of doing this work in this new Polish library solely for the benefit of the Polish people.

    II B 2 a