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This article was published in 1891.
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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- December 10, 1891
    Polish Activities Polish Library Society Holds Annual Meeting

    "The Saint Vincent de Paul Society, organized to maintain a library at Saint Adelbert's Parish, will hold its annual business meeting at 4 P. M., Sunday, Dec. 13, at the parish hall.

    "At this meeting, the election of new officers will take place; the financial statement will be read; new members will be admitted; and dues will be received.

    "The officers and members of the Society, as well as the parishioners, are invited to this meeting. Everybody--young and old, fathers and mothers, young men and young women--should gather at the parish hall in order to join the Society, the purpose of which is as follows:

    1. To enlighten the Polish people.

    2. To discourage among the Polish people the reading of unwholesome newspapers and other immoral, irreligious, Masonic, and godless literature which poison their minds, and which are spread among our people by the devil and our enemies.


    3. To make good Poles and Catholics out of the members of the parish.

    4. To discourage our people, especially the youth, from frequenting during their leisure time places of questionable character, by supplying them with wholesome amusements and good literature.

    "The initiation fee is only twenty-five cents, and the monthly dues are ten cents. Every member is given a library card which entitles him to borrow books from the parish library, according to the rules and regulations of the Society.

    "It is the duty of every parishioner to support his parish library, which is a school for the adults and a mental nourishment for our souls.

    "I hope the public attendance at this annual meeting will be considerable.

    Respectfully yours,

    John Ciesielski,

    Secretary and Librarian

    731 Van Horn Street.

    II B 2 a, II B 1 e, III C