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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- August 13, 1891
    Polish Bible

    The internal revenue collector received an invoice for an old Polish bible printed in 1563. It is a rare copy, one of the oldest Polish bibles in print, which was acquired by Mr. Gunther, a well-known downtown confectioner, for his private collection. The book will arrive at Chicago today.

    Mr. Gunther bought this bible from a certain book dealer at Frankfurt, Germany, for nine hundred German marks (about $207.00). Mr Gunther says that this Polish bible was printed at that time by order of a certain Polish gentleman, (his name is not disclosed yet) and was passed as an heirloom from generation to generation down to the last descendant of the family who was forced to pawn it on account of poverty. The gentleman, however, had never redeemed the bible; it passed from hand to hand, and is now in Mr. Gunther's possession.

    The bible may be seen in a few days at Mr. Gunther's collection room which 2is located above his confectionery shop. It seems that the bible was printed in Cracow, Poland, at the time when the first printing shop was established in that country (the first Frank Swaybold's printing shop was established in 1491).

    In other cities the printing shops were established much later. For instance, in Warsaw, it was established in 1580, and in Lemberg, in 1593. At that time, already two Polish translations of the bible existed. One was the Leopolit's translation of 1561 (this was not so very good because many Bohemian and old Slavic words were incorporated). The other one was the excellent translation of Jacob Wujek, 1540-1591. We will furnish our readers with a better description of this bible as soon as we will have an opportunity to see it.

    Mr. Gunther desires to donate his collection to the city library.

    II B 1 e, I B 4