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  • Dziennik Zjednoczenia -- January 06, 1927
    Popular Lectures at the Art Institute and Other Events of the Polish Arts Club

    (Edited by the program committee and issued as often as necessary for members and friends of the Polish Arts Club).

    The club was organized for the purpose of: (a) Promoting fellowship between Poles and Americans interested in the fine arts. (b) Providing and facilitating its members' enjoyment of the arts. (c) Joint study of literature and art. (d) Promoting the knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of art and literature. (e) Making Polish Art and literature better known in the United States.

    The program committee spared no effort in arranging all programs to meet with our purpose. It appreciates the cooperation of members, and welcomes your frank criticism and suggestions. It would like to plan programs six or more months in advance, but this cannot be done until financial support is greater.

    Lectures will take place as follows: Mondays, at 7:P.M. "The Enjoyment of Architecture." Thursdays, at 7:P.M. "The Art Institute Collections." Saturdays, at 2:P.M.(2nd and 4th) "The Enjoyment of the Visual Arts." Courses will be resumed the first week of January. Free lectures will be given by Mr. Lorado Taft, every Sunday at 5:30 P.M. in Fullerton hall, at the Art Institute.


    Sunday, January 9, at 3:30 P.M. sharp, a business meeting will be held in the club room of the Art Institute. See list of amendments to be presented for adoption. The budget for 1927 will be discussed. Sunday, January 9, at 4:P.M., there will be a lecture on "Modern Polish Literature" by Dr. M. J. Kostrzewski. Sunday, January 9, at 5:30 P.M. Supper, at the Art Institute Cafeteria. The dinner and social hour at the Canton Tea Garden will be omitted because of other entertainments in the evening. Sunday, January 9, at 8:P.M. an Opera Party, will see "Martha" with Tito Schipa, Florence MacBeth, and Irene Pavloska, in the principle roles. This is a private party, under the auspices of the Northwestern University.

    January 9, at 8:P.M. at the club room in the Polish Alma Mater Building, 1643 Milwaukee Avenue, near North Avenue, a meeting will be held for the purpose of organizing the Polish University students and graduates. Dr. Z. Kurnikowski, and others have been invited to take part in the program. We have, already had one meeting, last month, at which a number of our members were present. The outlook for a good organization is promising. Any one interested, is welcome.

    On January 16, 8:15 P.M., a Piano recital will be given by Mieceslaus Ziolkowski. Sunday, February 13, at 4:P.M. Dr. Thaddeus Mitana, formerly of the University of Cracow, now at the University of Michigan, will lecture on "Polish Culture from the Historical Standpoint."


    The lecture, and the supper following, will be under the joint auspices of our club and the Promien Society.

    Wednesday Evening, February 23, at 8:P.M. the Annual Chicago Concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra, will be given. Leopold Stokowski is the conductor.

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