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  • Dziennik Zjednoczenia -- January 07, 1927
    Lecture on Modern Polish Literature

    Dr. M. J. Kostrzewski will deliver a lecture on "Modern Polish Literature" on Sunday January 9, at 4 P.M. in the club room of the Art Institute, on Michigan Avenue at Adams Street, under the auspices of the Polish Arts Club. The public is cordially invited. There is no admission charge. This lecture will be of special interest to our young people who do not have the opportunity to become familiar with Polish literature. The lecturer will speak in English, and review books on Polish Literature which have been published in the English language; so that Americans, interested in this work, may benefit thereby. Very interesting data may be obtained in this way. Prior to the lecture, at 3:30 P.M. there will be a meeting of the members of the club. Later in the evening the members will attend a special performance of the Opera "Martha" given for the benefit of the students, faculty and friends of Northwestern University. Others are planning to be present at the meeting for the purpose of organizing a club for students and graduates of Universities. This meeting will be held at the Polish Alma Mater Building, 1643 Milwaukee Ave., at 8 P. M.

    On Monday evening, January 10th, members and friends will attend a performance at the Goodman Memorial theatre, Monroe Street and Outer Drive. Miss Jane Palczynaki has charge of the party.

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