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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- June 01, 1891
    Polish Dramatic Club At St. Stanislaus Kostka's Parish

    Judging by its present activities, the newly organized Polish Dramatic Club of the Polish Patriotic Society at St. Stanislaus Kostka's Parish, will have a greater importance than it seemed at first. we cannot refrain today from expressing our approval of the Club, especially of its management, because we wish to encourage its members to further their work and at the same time urge other settlements and parishes to organize such clubs.

    Staging of theatrical plays is not the only object of the Club. It is rather a school for its members where they are taught not only how to be a good amateur actor, but also other subjects which give them a general education.

    Many dramatic clubs made blunders because its members considered themselves great artists, and were interested in dramatics only now and then. Occasionally, they selected a new play, selected parts, studied them, and staged a 2play. They demanded severe criticism by the newspapers, and if there were any criticisms, even though not severe, they were greatly offended, and threatened to boycott the newspaper.

    Many members of this new Club are well acquainted with the theater because they were affiliated with other dramatic clubs and were considered very good amateurs. This proves that we should enlighten one another.

    The Club has a very ingenious system for realizing its aim. Quite often, perhaps every week, the Club conducts evening gatherings, at which various performances are given, either by individual members or by groups. The program consists of recitations, singing, monologues, monodramas or short comedies. The program also includes an educational lecture, or a very interesting talk on a serious subject. Finally, the Club holds conferences for the benefit of the Club.

    This is a very practical solution of the question of the Dramatic School which 3was taken up by us a few weeks ago. At present, it is impossible to establish such a school because we have no means, and secondly, for the reason that its necessity would not be fully understood. In some measure, the recently organized Dramatic Club is such a school and a very practical one too. In time, the Club may establish such a school as was given in the project.

    The public may attend these evening gatherings of the Club for a very small charge. We are informed that such a gathering will take place next Thursday. We are certain that the attendance will be large.

    Credit should be given to the energetic members of the Club and the management. The public and the members of the Club should be especially grateful to the organizer of the Club, Mr. S. Zahajkiewicz, the present instructor, who directed it into right channels. It was a patriotic act on his part, and he should receive credit, because he devotes his time to it in spite of the 4fact that he has many tasks of his own. The Club will be of great benefit to the parish and the entire Northwest Side.

    II B 1 c 1, II B 2 f