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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 03, 1928
    Szymczak Named Vice-President of Polish Bank Many People Call Personally to Offer Their Congratulations; Many Flowers Sent.

    [Half-tone-one column-eighth of a page, view of Kowalki, showing Szymczak bank vault]

    At the "White House", located at Milwaukee Avenue and West Division Street, the home of the Polish banking institution, the Northwestern Trust and Savings Bank, hundreds of good wishers came to congratulate Professor M. S. Szymczak on his new appointment as vice-president of the bank. Crowds began to gather immediately after the business closing hours last Saturday afternoon to wish him well. Flowers and telegrams were sent throughout the day. Many friends, businessmen, and politicians called in person also.

    The new vice-president passed out cigars to the men and chocolates to the ladies as a token of appreciation for their kind and generous wishes. This, 2indeed, was a great occasion for him to celebrate the Christmas holidays among his friends. Professor Szymczak, having held the position as Superintendent of the Cook County Forest Preserves, without doubt will be able to handle the various problems that may arise during his initiatory days of his new position. His wide popularity will be of great service to him.

    Baskets of flowers in honor of the occasion were sent by: Anton J. Cermak, President of the Cook County Board; John Jaranowski, Mayor of Calumet City; Thaddeus Szymczak, brother of M. S. Szymczak; Francis J. Wilson, Cook County Commissioner; The Democratic Organization of the 41st Ward; The Cook County Forest Preserves' Police Department. Congratulatory telegrams were sent by: Dziennik Chicagoski; E. J. Hasten of the Chicago Journal; Charles Climer, president of the Illinois Building and Loan Association League; Dr. James J. Losty of De Paul University; T. L. Frankenthal of the Equitable Bond and Mortgage Company; Robert Boniel, director of the Edgewater Beach Hotel; Henry Fabian of the First National Bank; William E. Dever, former mayor; and others.


    Some of the city's leading citizens who called in person were: Thomas Gordon, business manager of Dziennik Chicagoski; A. F. Lakowka, advertising manager of Dziennik Chicagoski; Anton J. Cermak; Alderman J. Toman; Francis J. Wilson; Chick Evans, well-known professional golf star; John Jaranowski; A. Kingery, manager of the Chicago Regional Planning Association; Stanislaus H. Klarkowski, Municipal Judge; Peter Rostenkowski, treasurer of the P. R. C. U. and Albert Soska, president of the Polish Alma. Mater.

    August J. Kowalski, treasurer of the Northwestern Trust and Savings Bank, wished Professor Szymczak the best of luck in his new position.

    The Northwestern Trust and Savings bank is popularly known as Smulski's Bank.

    II A 2, IV