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  • Zgoda -- March 02, 1887
    Attention Polish People

    A big excursion to northern Minnesota to see tracts of land suitable for farming will leave Monday, March 21, at eleven A. M. People wishing to see this wonderful section of land, will please come and see Mr. Stominski.

    The train fare from Chicago is only ten dollars for a round trip, but if you buy a tract of land this amount will be a part of down payment. I am sure, that the people taking this trip will be so satisfied that they will buy at least one acre of land. This section is near town and close to railroads.

    People buying land will be given six years to pay for it. You needn't be afraid to buy this land. No doubt you have read numerous articles about it in the Polish newspapers.

    In this new Polish colony, under the name of "Poznan," there is located the Red Wood Company of Minnesota. Here the land is as low as $6.00 up to $8.00 an acre. At the time of purchase only one dollar an acre is required as a deposit, and the rest payable in six years at 7 per cent interest, minus the $10.00 train fare.


    This is the ideal location in Minnesota for farming, cattle raising, and raising of other domestic animals. All of you have intentions of buying, please do not hesitate, because now is the time to buy, while the prices are low. Furthermore, you are used to working on your own farm and not to this continuous changing of work in the city factories, where they do not guarantee you work in your old age. For information pertaining to the land in Minnesota, write to

    St. Slominski

    666 Milwaukee Avenue

    Chicago, Ill.

    I L