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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 08, 1896
    The Project to Colonize Poles in the State of Washington Is Progressing (Editorial)

    From the Buffalo Przeglad Tygodniowy (Weekly Review) we have gained a quite interesting bit of information regarding the plan of a group of Poles to settle in the State of Washington, on the Pacific Coast.

    This matter, which originated in Buffalo, has excited a lot of our citizens in Chicago.

    "On New Year's Day," writes the Przeglad, "a meeting was held in Kosciusko hall, at which this matter was thoroughly discussed.

    "According to the lengthy reports of the delegates, it seems that this state offers conditions that will assure the Polish settlers independence within a 2short time. It was therefore decided to prepare the way for colonization at once. The first party of settlers will leave Buffalo this month.

    "Mr. Jurek, 283 Detroit Street, is in charge of this party. Further information can be obtained at the office of Przeglad Tygodniowy.

    "The publisher of Przeglad, Mr. Wrzesinski, has departed for the state of Washing ton, where he will join the delegaies and travel over the entire state; as a trained agriculturist he will be able to choose the most appropriate place for our future Polish settlers."

    It is evident that the project is progressing. It is now necessary that it be placed on a firm and sound basis, both in the legal and business sense.

    We wish there was more frankness regarding this matter.

    To date all we know of it is from random articles in the Przeglad. We do not know:


    In what legal form was the project organized? who is the head of the entire undertaking? What are the conditions?

    Such secrecy can only throw a certain shadow on the undertaking.

    We consider the question of settling Poles in a properly chosen state as very important. The state of Washington, as our own investigations have proven, is one of the best places for this purpose.

    We therefore look on this project to direct Polish settlers there with a great deal of sympathy and curiosity.

    But we also wish that it be placed on such a basis as to assure a permanent and successful future. We have seen many similar projects, partly senseless and soon discarded, conceived for the purpose of taking advantage of our people. Only truth and constructive criticism can convince us that this particular project has a sound and healthy foundation.

    I L, I C