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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- February 15, 1892
    Protest Action Scorned by Alliance (Editorial)

    Once again our readers, who wish success to the Dziennik Chicagoski as each day passes, have another opportunity to read more material of a malignant and polemical nature. The Central Committee of the Polish National Alliance has informed the people that they have signed over the entire organization to the Liberty League because they wish to take part in the Republican Congress. They believe this step is more important than the attempted plans "to make protests, where, nobody knows." When it was pointed out in a few articles that the Central Committee sold the entire organization on its own accord, and not by a majority vote of its members, and that in reality the Liberty League brought good as well as bad to the people, the papers began to rant and rave because the Dziennik Chicagoski; opposed the plan. Little do they realize the out-come 2of the resolutions that will affect the Polish National Alliance. It all depends upon the majority rule of the entire membership of the Liberty League. The benefits to be reaped by the latter organization, whether good or bad, will then be decided.

    We pointed these facts out because we have seen a loophole in this affiliation. There are possibilities that the Alliance may loose its individuality.

    At one time, other papers have asked the Alliance to take part in the joint protest against Russia, and criticized it for not taking part. But since it made the statement that it is useless to make protests in any direction, and since it joined the League, these same papers bow to this group, and consider the protest matter a buried issue.


    One of these papers has changed its policy because the Liberty League was organized by Americans, and since it is American, there is no point in writing against it or criticizing it. It is apparent that this paper has committed a wrong. Sometime ago, it criticized the public school system, and now it has attacked the Liberty League. According to the point of view of that paper, it is wrong to pass comment on an important issue because it is American and, therefore, it is without error.

    We have merely pointed out that more harm than good may come out of the League transaction. Yet we are branded offensive by others.

    I F 2, I C, I F 3, I F 4