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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- March 09, 1894
    Down with the Anarchists!

    Anarchic pestilence is creeping even into peaceable South Chicago. So it is, gentlemen.

    From the anarchistic and godless Gazeta Robotnicza [Workers' Gazette], we have learned that the so-called Branch No. 4 of the Workers' Alliance, an organization with socialistic tendencies, was organized under the leadership of the notorious J. Rybakowski. We were surprised at this and decided to investigate and get more information.

    Our investigation furnished us with the following information.

    Some time ago, J. Rybakowski and his comrades invaded South Chicago, which, as we know, is afflicted with severe unemployment, and began their subversive activities there. The anarchists were misleading the poor people in the most 2loathsome manner; they promised them, for instance, that those who joined the Workers' Alliance would get work.

    Later on they called a meeting at which gathered many people who had no idea of the kind of trap it was. Slander and calumnies were hurled at religion and our most sacred feelings at this meeting, and the result was that the majority of the people attending it left the hall without yielding to the temptation. However, a small number of thoughtless persons yielded to the tempting lies and joined Branch No. 4 of the Workers' Alliance. But the joy of the anarchists did not last very long. A [moment of] reflection, after a word of persuasion from our clergy, was all that was necessary to wrest this small group of "overpowered" people from the grasp of the "apostles of falsehood".

    There will be no Branch No. 4 in South Chicago.

    Down with the anarchists!

    I E, I D 2 a 3, I D 2 c, IV