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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 23, 1893
    Madame Modrzejewski's Performance

    Yesterday's performance of our talented actress Madame Helen Modrzejewski at the Chicago Opera House proved unusually brilliant. Madame Modrzejewski deserves the honor and esteem which was expressed in the generous applause of the many Poles present at the performance--she deserves it as an artist and as a philanthropist.

    We have previously described in detail Madame Modrzejewski's brilliant interpretation of the title role in "Mary Stuart"; it would be superfluous to repeat these praises. Let it suffice to add that this time our great artist surpassed herself, if such a thing is possible. The emotions of pain, enthusiasm, and satiety which the wonderful performance of our "queen" awakened, were reproduced in the hearts of the audience, giving them the utmost artistic satisfaction.


    The theater was filled. Everywhere Polish faces were to be seen, and between the acts one could hear the Polish language. Although there was a considerable number of outsiders present, none greeted our noble artist with such genuine enthusiasm as we, the Poles. May that applause, which came from our hearts, be her thanks. Madame Modrzejewski's donation is a large one. Our actress not only offered her own services and the services of her troupe, but herself paid the costs of the production as well.

    The Holy Family of Nazareth Academy will receive the entire proceeds of the evening--a little less than a thousand dollars. The result was fortunate beyond all expectations, for which we again praise and honor our noble artist.

    I A 2 c, II A 3 d 1