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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 04, 1896
    From St. Casimir Parish (Correspondence)

    A number of committees representing the societies in St. Casimir Parish held a meeting last Sunday, December 29, at the parish school hall, for the purpose of organizing an educational society.

    The meeting was called to order by the local pastor, Reverend Furman, who spoke at length and pointed out the necessity of organizing an educational society and the benefits to be derived therefrom. He announced that he would set aside one schoolroom as the reading room and library of the contemplated new society. He called on Mr. F. Stawicki to act as secretary, and invited the representatives of the various societies present to express their opinions.

    Reverend Furman's patriotic speech made a deep impression on those present.


    Mr. John Rosinski, representing the Stephen Buszczynski Society, also spoke well and announced that his society would gladly present its library to the new educational society, so that the general public could take advantage of it.

    Mr. M. Marcinkowski gave a detailed explanation of the proposed project and of the plan for supporting it, which was unanimously accepted.

    Mr. John Grzegorzewski, J. Serwatkiewicz, and others also took part in the discussion.

    On a motion by Mr. Grzegorzewski it was decided to call another meeting and to invite those societies not represented at the first meeting.

    The following societies were represented: St. Casimir Society, St. Casimir Court of Foresters, Jednosc (Unity) Turners, Pulaski Volunteers, and the Stephen Buszczynski Society. All of these agreed to join the new educational society.


    Those societies which have not as yet selected their committees are urgently requested to do so at their next meetings. The next meeting for the purpose of organizing the educational society will be held on February 2, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in the St. Casimir parochial hall.

    F. Stawicki, secretary.

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