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  • The Weekly Zgoda -- January 01, 1931
    Let Us Send the Youth to Motherland (Editorial)

    Cut off from the maternal stem and placed by circumstances in this adopted country, we always are longing for the land of our birth where we spent the years of our youth. Even though these years might not have been very happy for some, yet they always recall to their memory whatever there was pleasant in their early experience of life.

    Our longing for Poland is the stronger now since Poland is free and independent, because we want to see with own eyes how the new Poland looks, and how the new people are managing their affairs there.


    Not all are equally favored with means to visit Poland and stay there for a suitable period of time; but those less privileged could at least send their children to Poland in order that they might see the new Poland with her riches in wisdom and culture; and for that purpose there is being arranged by the Polish National Alliance an excursion to Poland next year, in the month of June, and it will be so inexpensive that even the less wealthy parents can afford to avail themselves of that opportunity, By sending your children to Poland you will share in strengthening in them the Polish spirit and in making them better prepared in the future to take up our places and duties in Polish organizations, to be champions of everything that is Polish.

    Other nations do likewise. The writer of this article will recall that before the great war both the more and the less wealthy German families 3were sending their children to Germany with the explicit purpose that they would be eye witnesses to all that their fatherland possesses and enjoys.

    So have the French inhabitants done also in this country, by organizing and expediting to France a great excursion for their children under the guardianship of the elders. That was some years before the great war, and by now the French newspapers in Paris are appealing to the French residents in this country that they send their sons and daughters to France. This, they say, should be done in order that by visiting France and by sojourning there for some time the children would become imbued with French spirit. Greatness and culture, would preserve these impressions after coming back to this country.


    It is for a like purpose that the Educational Department of the Polish National Alliance is preparing a similar excursion to Poland, details of which will be presented in a special announcement to be published soon.

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