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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- November 08, 1894
    New Polish Military Organization in Chicago

    Last Sunday, Polish Cadet societies in Chicago and vicinity formed a new Polish military organization in Saint Adalbert Parish, under the name of First Regiment of Polish Volunteers in America.

    The following cadet units had delegates at the meeting: Kosciusko Volunteers Company, Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish, delegates Peter J. Lama, Francis Grzes, and B. Wisniewski; Pulaski Volunteers, Saint Adalbert Parish, Francis P. Danisch, Joseph J. Belinski, and John Fruzyna; Saint John Cadets, Saint John Cantius Parish, Stanislaus Tucholski, and George Kopala; Kosciusko Guard, South Chicago, J. Szymonajdus, J. Stelmarszek, Francis Kozlowski, and Anthony Dora; Saint Michael Cadets, South Chicago, Ladislaus Przybylinski, Ladislaus Wolski, and S. Libner. The Polish Cadets from Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish were represented by J. Wroblewski, J. Kozinski, J. Ibrom, and Francis Pendorski.


    Peter J. Lama and Francis P. Danisch acted as chairman and secretary respectively.

    Mr. Lama explained the purpose of the meeting and said there was lack of unity among Polish military societies. He asked the delegates for their opinion regarding the projected organization.

    Mr. Danisch told the delegates that the Polish youth should have some kind of organization embracing all the societies. "Inasmuch as there are in Chicago, " he said, "ten cadet units scattered throughout the several Polish neighborhoods, it would be beneficial if they were to units into one regiment".

    A very animated debate followed, with delegates Grzes', Belinski, Wisniewski, Ibrom, Tucholski, Kozinski, and Szymonajdus participating.

    Finally, it was decided to organize all Polish Cadets into one regiment. Delegate Tucholski proposed that the regiment be named First Regiment of Polish Volunteers. Thereupon Delegate Belinski moved that the phrase "in America" be 3be added to this title. Both motions were carried. This business over, the next was to register the units that had declared their intention to join the new regiment. All units represented at the meeting joined, with the exception of the Cadets from Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish.

    Delegate Danisch motioned that each unit pay one dollar initiation fee. The motion was carried.

    The manual of military drill of the new regiment will be read at the next meeting, which will be held Sunday, November 18, 2 P.M., at Gulcz's Hall, 682 West 17th Street. The regimental staff will be chosen at this meeting.

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