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  • Zgoda -- April 16, 1890
    Blessing of the Banner

    Please place this correspondence news in your Zgoda. The members of the St. Stephen Society, at the parish of St. Stanislaus, celebrated the commemoration of a beautiful Polish banner, Easter Sunday, at the expense of $600.

    The Society of St. Stephan has been organized over a year ago,and the number of members is increasing nicely. Today we have 290 members. Many of the other societies of this parish took part in this great celebration.

    At 9 o'clock, Easter morning, the procession started; the Society of St. Stanislaus came first because it is the oldest society of this parish, second came the Society of St. Casimir; third, the Society of St. Adelbert; fourth, the Society of St. Valentine; fifth, the Society of St. John Kantego; sixth, the Society of St. Stephan.

    These different societies paraded through the streets to the music 2supplied by the Society of St. Stanislaus, and returned to the church where a church mass was given, followed by a mass meeting in the church auditorium, where speeches by the Rev. Fathers and prominent leaders of Polish enterprises, were heard. The choir of St. Stanislaus sang songs, accompanied by a Polish orchestra. After the speeches, the societies marched through the streets with this new banner at the head of the parade, and many thousands of Polish people took part in the great ceremonies.

    The reverend Fathers and the committee in charge of this celebration take this opportunity to thank one and all for their splendid cooperation.

    St. Sierszulski, Sec. of St. Stephan Society.

    III C, I B 4, III B 2, III B 3 b