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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- March 17, 1892
    A Letter to the Editors from the Holy Name Society

    Chicago, Ill.,

    March 14, 1892.

    Dear Friends, Polish Catholics!

    The fraternal order of the Holy Name Society of St. Albert's parish held its semi-annual meeting Saturday, March 5. A general report on the financial status revealed that the organization is functioning on a sound basis. Three new members have been initiated into the order.

    The Holy Name Society is associated with the Roman-Catholic Union and follows the latter's by-laws in every respect. This connection enables the Society to use the services of the Union's doctor, who examines every 2member at the time of entering the Holy Name Society. Only candidates of sound physical health are accepted. All must pass the doctor's examination. Members that become ill are given medical attention by the same doctor. It has been estimated that during the past three months over one hundred dollars has been saved by this medical service which is rendered free to the members.

    All the activities of this society, both social and athletic, have been carried with success and order. The directors of this organization are proud of this record.

    The following is a resume of the benefits received from this society:

    1. Five dollars per week is given in case of sickness. Members will make regular visits if permissible. In case the sick member requires some 3assistance in the home, the society furnishes the necessary help.

    2. Death benefits: husbands, $600; wives $300. Eight pall bears will be furnished. Entire funeral to be directed by the society.

    Membership entrance fee is as follows:

    From the ages 20 to 30 $5.00
    " " " 30 to 35 $6.00
    " " " 35 to 40 $ 7.00
    " " " 40 to 45 $9.00

    We ask the Polish Catholics of the city of Chicago to investigate the advantages the Holy Name Society offers to its members. The public is 4invited to visit the office of the secretary at 630 W. 17th Street, or the headquarters of the society at St. Albert's parish. All will be gladly welcomed.

    Very truly yours,

    Frances Nowak, President.

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