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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- June 25, 1894
    Polish Parish Entertains its Pastor

    Last Saturday, the members of St. John Cantius Parish celebrated the birthday of Reverend John Kasprzycki, the first pastor of that parish.

    At eight o'clock in the evening, while the orchestra played, the pastor was escorted ceremoniously into the hall. Then followed speeches, recitations, and songs in Polish, English, and Latin.

    First we would like to commend J. Brzezinski for the beautiful speech he delivered when the gifts were presented to the pastor. Miss M. Skrzypczak made a short speech in Polish in praise of the pastor, and Miss M. Sikorski addressed him in English. Mrs. Niemiec spoke in the name of the Women's Sodality. After the above had spoken the following boys and girls recited: A. and J. Orzada, J. Wysocki, A. Iwicki, J. Dzierzewski, S. Bendkowski, P. Kielczynski, and Miss M. Kielezynski. A speech in Latin was delivered by A. Bocian, a student. Songs by the parish choir followed. At the end, when the beloved pastor 2expressed his appreciation to the crowd for their kindness, he was literally showered with flowers.

    Many parishioners, men and women, old and young, and even children, were represented at the gathering. The program consisted of twenty-five numbers. The societies presented the pastor with many beautiful gifts, among which was a set of silverware. The Holy Rosary Sodality presented him with a fine set of church vestments, such as are used at the Holy Mass.

    The festival ended with the first play staged by the Dramatic Club from St. John Cantius Parish at the Parish hall.

    The Spanish dance, executed by the young ladies in native costumes, and concluded with a tableau, was beautiful to behold. The cadets made a great hit with their drill. The song "Biaty Orzet" (The White Eagle), sung by the parish choir under the direction of Kwascroch, the organist from St. John Cantius Parish, delighted everyone.


    The play "Chlopi Arystokraci" (Aristocratic Peasants), though difficult to stage, was performed successfully. Mrs. B. Zamiar, who had the role of "Marysia," Mrs. Z. Zonkowka, who had the role of "Katarzyna," and Joseph Walilewski, who portrayed "Stanislaus," played their parts especially well.

    In staging their first play, the members of the Dramatic Club of St. John Cantius Parish showed by their acting that they are clever actors and that, by working with perseverence, they will be able to hold their own with the dramatic clubs of any of the other parishes.

    We must admit that the first play was a great success, but this success was due mainly to S. Zachajkiewicz, who directed the play. Mr. Zachajkiewicz worked hard and spared no pains to make the play a success, and the members of the Bramatic Club at St. John Cantius Parish should be grateful to him for his efforts. However, these amateur players deserve full credit and much praise for their work, zeal, and abilities.

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