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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- March 25, 1895
    Resolution Adopted at Mass Meeting of Parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish

    The following resolution was adopted yesterday at a mass meeting of parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish at the school hall [Translator's note: This step was taken in order to check the underground current that is trying to smash the unity and work of the Poles]:

    "We, members of thirty-four societies of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church of Chicago, Illinois, citizens of the United States, Catholics and patriots, have gathered at a mass meeting, held at the school hall, located at Bradley and Noble Streets, Sunday, March 24 at 4 P. M., and have adopted a resolution, whereby we publicly declare that:

    "Whereas, In recent times some of the organs of the Polish press of America have started an unjustified campaign, directed primarily at certain Polish settlements and parishes, and siming toward the injury of the people's 2faith, toward the disruption of peace, creation of hostilities and the destruction of the worthy work of the Polish Catholics, which has been conducted for many decades; and

    "Whereas, Such campaign is an activity that is worthy of the highest condemnation, for it is not Polish or Catholic, and is carried out by some of our bitterest enemies, and because it can and does bring about costly results (as is seen at St. Hedwig Parish); and

    "Whereas, The principal and most outstanding representatives of the press in question--a disgrace to Catholicism--are: the Katolik (Catholic) of Winona and the malicious Kropidlo (Sprinkler)--formerly Dyabel (Devil)--of Chicago, which do not withdraw any of their lies or vileness, if only to stagger the faith of the people, profane the priests, incite brother against brother, and create revolts within the parishes; and

    "Whereas, These papers have for the longest time attacked everything that is 3holy and dear to each good Catholic and Pole, casting the most shameless slander at those that are working for the good of the people and the fatherland, thereby weakening the foundations of faith and morals, especially among the hearts of the youth, and planting the poisonous seed of discord in such a way that it even surpasses the villainy of any of the Muscovite bands; and

    "Whereas, In order to disgrace the Polish clergy and Catholicism, one of these papers, namely, the Katolik, has gone to such an extent in its shamelessness that it boasts derisively of having Polish priests as its collaborators; and

    "Whereas, These papers plainly support the various brawls, break social order, tread upon the rights of the citizenry, and naturally want to direct the Polish people not only upon the road toward socialism but even toward plain anarchism; and


    "Whereas, St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish of Chicago, Illinois, is the center of their baseless attack, which is carried out to such an extent that these papers even claim that we have the intention of creating parishional disorders, which is a baseless lie; and

    "Whereas, These attacks have been directed especially at our lovable spiritual advisor, Reverend Vincent Barzynski, pastor for the past twenty years, with a continuous barrage of lies and slander, which have hurt our feelings and honor; and

    "Whereas, All these attacks are supported by baseless lies, for we can best judge these actions as such because we have served the pastor, Reverend Barzynski, for over twenty years, and have been able to observe his actions in the religious and patriotic field, as well as for the good of the parish; and

    "Whereas, The above attackers wish, for no reason at all, to discredit us in 5the eyes of the people of the United States by concocting and printing the most dastardly prevarications against out citizens; therefore, in view of the above-mentioned motives, we publicly declare and have

    "Resolved, That we consider it our holy duty to raise our voice in condemnation of these calumniators of the people, in defense of the truth and the protection of our pastor, who has been maliciously attacked, and condemn the two papers, the Katolik of Winona and the Kropidlo, alias Dyabel, as unfaithful to the Polish cause, and brand them as dishonest, since they are the enemies of the Holy Faith and Polish-American ideals;

    "Resolved, That as people thoroughly familiar with conditions at St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish of Chicago, we consider all irate and slanderous news about our parish and its pastor, published by the above-mentioned newspapers, as vile lies without any facts for support;

    "Resolved, That contrary to this, it is with great joy that we claim 6complete unity between the pastor and our parish, and accord this pastor, Reverend V. Barzynski, our deepest gratitude and recognition for his noble, faithful and untiring work for our souls, hearts and thoughts enveloped with evangelical abstinence and love of man;

    "Resolved, That in view of this the undersigned call upon those mentioned to return to the road of righteousness, recall all slanderous remarks, and cease the spread of falsehood and hostilities;

    "Resolved, That in conclusion, in the event the above mentioned newspapers ignore this summons, we will consider them as poisonous seeds to our morals, which we are trying by every means to uproot, and will not consider them as Catholics or as Poles."

    [Dziennik] Editor's note: This resolution was signed by officials of the thirty-four parish societies.)

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