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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- April 08, 1895
    Mass Meeting Held at St. John Cantius Parish Resolution Passed against the Offensive Papers and in the Defense of Reverend Vincent Barzynski

    A mass meeting was held last night in the large hall of St. John Cantius Church, Chicago Avenue and Carpenter Street, for the purpose of staging a protest against the abominable slander and abusive language interwoven in articles published by some of the malicious Polish papers against Reverend Vincent Barzynski, pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish. The hall was overcrowded with ardent supporters of the pastor, including members of twelve societies of St. John Cantius Parish.

    As it is known this new parish was once a part of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, and the parishioners, although separated from their alma mater, hold great regard and respect for their former pastor.

    The ignoble words and the malicious stories written and cast at this highly 2esteemed priest have aroused indignation. When the parishioners found out that a protest was voiced by the members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish two weeks ago, they decided to make a similar protest on behalf of their former pastor.

    Last week the representative individuals of St. John Cantius Parish gathered, and after a serious discussion of the matter decided to call a mass meeting.

    This planned mass gathering of parishioners was held yesterday, and the response to it gave evidence of the great respect held for Reverend Barzynski and the feeling of indignation that was aroused against his slanderers.

    The meeting was opened by John Brzezinski, member of the St. John Cantius Parish Committee, who presented the purpose of this assemblage. He spoke about the services and sacrifies of Reverend Barzynski for the good of one parish as well as for another. The speaker also referred to the various false accusations cast at their former pastor.


    Other speakers who spoke in the same vein were Joseph Dabrowski, John Klossowski, Joseph Pankowski, F. Sobieszczyk, and others. All speakers were rewarded with great applause.

    Finally a committee was appointed to draw up a resolution of protest. John Brzezinski, Louis Kalisz and Martin Ptaszek were selected. Mr. Brzezinski read the completed resolution, which is given below:

    "Resolution adopted at a mass meeting of St. John Cantius Parish on April 7, 1895:

    "We, the representatives and members of twelve parish societies and the parishioners of St. John Cantius Parish in general, who were former members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, gathered at a mass meeting at the parish hall Sunday, April 7, 1895, at 4 P.M., acknowledge the following:

    "Whereas, in recent times some of the organs of the Polish press in America have started an unjustified campaign against our beloved former spiritual 4guide, Reverend Vincent Barzynski, upon whom are cast continuous barrages of opprobrious charges which in turn are offensive to us; and,

    "Whereas, all these attacks are supported by ignominous lies, for we can best judge these actions as such because, having served this respected and deserving pastor, Reverend Vincent Barzynski, during the past twenty years, we can confirm that all his services in the religious and patriotic field always were and always will be full of sacrifice and void of personal interest; and,

    "Whereas, the writers of these slanderous articles wish to discredit our good name before the citizens of the United States, be it

    "Resolved, I. That we are in accordance with the resolution adopted by the members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish on March 24, 1895, which reprimands the Katolik [Catholic] of Winona, Kropidlo [Sprinkler] alias Dyabel [Devil] of Chicago, and the Jutrzenka [Morning Star] of Cleveland; for we consider them unworthy and deserving only condemnation, for they are enemies of the Catholic faith and of Polish ideals in America;


    "II. That as parishioners who are grateful to their former pastor, Reverend Vincent Barzynski, we consider all slanderous articles and stories against him and his parish as base lies, without facts to support them;

    "III. That it is our great joy to express today our many and sincere, thanks to Reverend Vincent Barzynski for his noble, sincere, unselfish, and indefatigable work for the good of our souls, enveloped with evangelical abstinence and love of man;

    "IV. That we declare the above-mentioned articles and newspapers a poisonous seed to our morals and demand that they retract their fallacious and scandalous accusations and discontinue further publication of such; in the event that these papers ignore these requests, those that support and publish them will not be considered as Catholics or as Poles; and,

    "V. That by word and act the undersigned, as former parishioners of Reverend Vincent Barzynski, always have and always will protect him against any slander."


    [This was followed by a long list of signatures of the parishioners of St. John Cantius Parish--editor's note.]

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