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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- May 25, 1895
    Financial Report of Benefit Ball Staged by St. Adalbert Parish Societies

    On May 12 the societies of St. Adalbert Parish staged a benefit ball at Pulaski Hall; its results were satisfactory. The committee in charge, comprised of representatives of the various societies, wishes to extend an old-fashioned Polish "thank you" to the speakers, military societies and civil societies for their co-operation.

    The financial statement is as follows:


    Wardrobe $2.60
    Refreshments 8.65
    Tickets sold at Hall 48.75
    Bar [drinks] 219.30
    Tickets sold by societies 188.75
    Total $468.05


    J. I. Migdalski (printing) $6.50
    B. Z. Maciejewski (ham, lemons, etc) 8.07
    Christ Bronder (cigars) 21.20
    R. Hensel (music) 64.00
    J. Bonk and Marcinkowski (hall and drinks) 99.05
    J. Michalowski (cigars) 6.40
    Total $205.22

    This resulted in a net profit of $262.83. This sum was divided as follows: One third, $87.61, for the benefit of the Pulaski Hall; and two thirds, $175.22, to J. Radziejewski, pastor of St. Adalbert Parish for the benefit of the church and school. The committee suggested the purchase of a canopy for the church.

    In the name of the committee thanks are extended to all the supporters of this cause.

    Stephen Napieralski

    III C, I A 2 c